How To Request Use of a Live Trap for Capture


Sometimes our best prevention and enforcement efforts are not enough to keep nuisance animals from causing problems.   A live trap can be set up by the Department free of charge.

The Purpose of a Live Trap

The purpose of a live trap is to catch stray, abandoned, nuisance or wild animals in an effort to prevent damage to property, injury to people or pets, and/or the spread of disease.  Live traps are generally not in most cases used to catch the neighbor's dog or cat.  If you recognize the problem animal as belonging to your neighbor, please contact the Animal Control Officer if your neighbor can't, or won't, control their animal.

How a Live Trap Works

A pair of sliding rings on the frame of a wire mesh cage are free to fall down the length of the door to hold it shut.  Lift the rings on the door of the cage and open the door. At the top of the trap to the left is a metal rod coming toward the door bent at a 90 degree angle. This rests on the bracket attached to the door and keeps the door open.  Pushing on the trip pan at the other end of the trap to adjust the tension. A small amount of bait is placed at the far end of the trap.  The trap is positioned in such a way that it won't roll, as that will allow the metal rings to fall and allow the animal to escape.  When the animal takes the bait the level is released, the door swings shut and the rings fall holding the door securely closed.  If you must move the trap make sure the back end of the trap is locked and secured before transporting the trap with the animal in it. 

Call the Animal Control Officer at 842-5354 and ask about having a live trap set up at your residence.