Fees and fines are established in Chapter 7 of the Dillingham Municipal Code





Registration is valid one year after date of purchase and fees reflect per year and are available for advanced purchase up to three years.
Unsterilized animal and cats $4.00
Sterilized animal and cats $2.00
Duplicate $1.00
Unregistered animal and cats $50.00
Registered animal and cats $35.00



Impound per day, from time of impoundment $25.00
Kennel permit, new, extended, or re-issued $10.00
Owner release $25.00
Euthanize or request for $25.00
Violation of a provision of Title 7, or a city regulation promulgated under that title may be subject to the folowing:
First violation $50.00
Second violation $75.00
Third violation $100.00
Fourth violation $125.00
Fifth and subsequent violation $150.00