The animals pictured on these pages are not necessarily all of the animals in the shelter.   If you think your animal might have been picked up by Animal Control  please call 842-5354 and ask for the Community Service Officer.



Our goal is not to sell or "get rid of" animals at the shelter.  Our goal is to adopt them to people who will make them part of their family.   Adoptions arranged at the Dillingham Animal Shelter are by appointment only.

We are dedicated to finding the best homes possible for our dogs and cats. The animals who come to our care  often came to us because of neglect, abandonment, or mis-treatment.  We believe that the majority of  these animals deserve a second chance. We owe it to them to screen their new families very carefully--and we take our screening process seriously. We want these animal's new homes to be safe, loving , and permanent!  We want the animals and your families to be safe and happy. Our adoption policies reflect this commitment.

Our adoption screening process includes:

Adopting an animal is a long-term commitment.  It should not be made hastily, so take your time in making the decision to adopt. If you have never had a pet of your own before please consider the time, money, and energy it takes to care for a four-legged family member who can't understand why you're just not in the mood to play, or groom or just sit and pet.

Everyone loves puppies and kitties, but puppies and kitties grow up.  Consider taking care of an older animal or caring for a pet with special needs or possibly taking two playmates together. We have great companion animals needing good homes.   

We want to insure the animal will fit in with your family setting, so often times animals are allowed to go home with prospective new family members for a "foster adoption".  You choose the animal and complete the application process; we'll buy the food for the first 30 days, and let's see how it goes with you, your pet and your family.

Our adoption fee is $39.00 for an intact dog or cat (one that has NOT been spayed or neutered), once an application is approved. This fee includes the current license.  The adoption fee for a spay/neuter animal, including registration, is $37.00.

Please be aware that we do not necessarily approve every adoption application we receive. If we believe for any reason that the animal is not a good match for an applicant, we reserve the right to not approve the adoption. See web pages listing animals for adoption at Pet of the Week, Lost & Found, and Adoptions.